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Try this fun perl benchmark, to test your dual core, SMP or hyperthreaded system. Before running, make sure you have perl 5.8 with threading support compiled in. Perl has native ithreads as of perl 5.8. #!/usr/bin/perl -w use threads; use strict; my $y1=Bench->new(); print “Bencmarking multi-threadedn”; $y1->benchmark(); print “Benchmarking single-threadedn”; $y1->ncpu(1); $y1->benchmark(); package Bench; sub […]

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Update: See my newer post that re-evaluates the frameworks. Things have changed since then. Today I began working on a new project and decided to benchmark Catalyst and Rails for fun. See how my new favorable framework does against Rails. I was a bit shocked at the results though. I guess this is worth mentioning […]