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OpenSolaris uses a single-threaded malloc by default for all applications. The JDK that is compiled for Solaris fails to be linked against mtmalloc or the newer umem malloc implementation that is multithread optimized. In a multithreaded application using a single threaded malloc can degrade performance. As memory is being allocated concurrently in multiple threads, all the […]

Try this fun perl benchmark, to test your dual core, SMP or hyperthreaded system. Before running, make sure you have perl 5.8 with threading support compiled in. Perl has native ithreads as of perl 5.8. #!/usr/bin/perl -w use threads; use strict; my $y1=Bench->new(); print “Bencmarking multi-threadedn”; $y1->benchmark(); print “Benchmarking single-threadedn”; $y1->ncpu(1); $y1->benchmark(); package Bench; sub […]

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