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Today, I am open sourcing my Ruby LocaleTranslator; the translator uses google’s translator API to translate a primary seed locale into various other languages. This eases the creation of multi-lingual sites. Not only can the LocaleTranslator translate your main seed locale into different languages but it can also recursively merge in differences, this comes in […]

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I needed a thread-safe JSMin library for compressing javascripts on the fly on UploadBooth, so I took an existing ruby implementation and made it thread safe. I don’t think there was license defined when I got it, so I am re-releasing it as-is. require ‘monitor’ class JSMin EOF = -1 include MonitorMixin # jsmin — […]

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I am in the process of evaluating which option to choose for a new production deployment of a Sinatra application. Pros and Cons of the implementations: JRuby Stack: Pros: • Fast for serial execution once warmed up. • Multi-threaded, easy to scale with spiked traffic / shared resources. Cons: • Slow warm up time, app […]

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There seems to be some interest Catalyst vs Rails vs Django benchmark. The older benchmark is quite old, it was done in 2007. A lot has changed since then. I am re-running the numbers once again to see what has changed. This time around the hardware is faster and the benchmark is slightly more simple. […]

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Dynamic type languages such as Perl, Ruby, PHP, and Python free you as the developer from managing memory in your application. However, it isn’t a fool proof solution that you won’t have memory leaks in your application. You as the developer should be aware of how the underlying garbage collector of your preferred language works […]

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