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Are you running JRuby in production? Do you want distributed file storage for your “enterprise” application? Look no further, MogileFS is here. MogileFS-Client has compatibility issues with JRuby due to it’s use of the low level Socket class. JRuby 1.5-dev does not yet support all the Socket methods, so here is a monkey patch to […]

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Squid is a fundamental part of our infrastructure at Fabulously40. It helps us lower response times quite considerably. The problem with Squid is that it is quite “dense” when it comes to configuration flexibility. Unless your willing to do a bit of C hacking on it, it does not have much configuration flexibility. This can […]

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http://github.com/victori/perlbal-plugin-mogilefs Key features – Asynchronous, does not stall the Perlbal event loop. – Converts URL paths to MogileFS fetch keys. – Failover to filesystem if key fetch failed. – Pretty statistics in Perlbal’s Management console. Its freaking awesome 😉 On a side note, I have also updated my other two Perlbal plugins. http://github.com/victori/perlbal-plugin-stickysessions – Session […]

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*Update* Patches got accepted into MogileFS Trunk 😉 Just go check out trunk, it has all my patches already included. http://code.sixapart.com/svn/mogilefs/trunk/ The only thing you need is my mogstored disk patch which is still pending. All the issues revolving around postgresql and solaris have been already included in trunk. I fixed a few issues with […]