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SYEnc is a Scala decoder for the yEnc format that is based on Alex Russ’s Java yEnc Decoder. SYEnc was designed to be used as a library by applications needing to use yEnc to decode data. It should be thread-safe, so don’t worry about using it in a threaded context. Uploaded to github: http://github.com/victori/syenc Example: […]

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I hate expired sessions, death to all expired sessions. Traditionally a Java servlet container has a fixed session time, a flood of traffic can potentially cause JVM OOM errors if the session time is set too high. I wanted a smart session container that can hold onto sessions for as long as possible and expire […]

I’ll start this post off with a quote from IRC ivaynberg: you cant build good looking sites with wicket victori: lies ivaynberg: or public-facing sites I have to admit that Wicket appeals more to the “backend” programmer than to the front-end design conscious developer. For every good-looking Wicket site out there, there are ten abysmal […]

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Ted Dziuba beautifully articulated why deadlines go to crap and seemingly straight forward tasks go out the window. You sir have done a public service for us all, thank you. What I hate is fording endless rivers of horseshit that are in the way of seemingly simple tasks. And I hate it even more when […]

This is a late night post, so I am just going to make it short. This patch lets you use QueuedThreadPool with the Grizzly Connector. This is a monkey patch, getMaxThreads() should be moved up into the Thread Interface. — GrizzlyConnection-old.java Sat May 2 01:08:02 2009 +++ GrizzlyConnector.java Sat May 2 00:56:37 2009 @@ -51,6 […]

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