Today as I sat down at my cubicle and did my daily routine to initiate eclipse. I encountered a horrible sight; eclipse would start and all of a sudden just crash.

I first tried the obvious solution, to clean out the workspace.

./eclipse -clean

Nope, no go, still eclipse kept crashing. Ugh, I fell into despair, all those key-binds and spring templates, all gone. So, rationally I hopped on to #eclipse on to get some feed back on my situation. Rcjsuen was kind enough to provide the answer that would solve my problem.

The solution was fairly straight forward. I had to remove org.eclipse.core.resources from my workspace.

cd ~/Documents/workspace/.metalog/.plugins
rm -rf  org.eclipse.core.resources

By removing org.eclipse.core.resources, you clear out all the project metadata from your workspace. However, don’t worry, once you start eclipse you can just go to “File -> Import -> import eclipse projects” and re-import all your workspace projects.