*Update* Patches got accepted into MogileFS Trunk 😉

Just go check out trunk, it has all my patches already included.


The only thing you need is my mogstored disk patch which is still pending. All the issues revolving around postgresql and solaris have been already included in trunk.

I fixed a few issues with MogileFS and Solaris. MogileFS should run wonderfully on Solaris with my patches applied.

Directory for all my patches: http://victori.uploadbooth.com/patches


This patch fixes mogstored to work with solaris’s df utility.


This patch adds a new feature to the MogileFS Tracker – max_requests.

The default is 0, but it is suggested you set it to 1000 max_requests, to avoid memory leaks.

The tracker will give out the database handle up to the max_requests limit before expiring the connection for a new one. This avoids memory leaks with long running persistent connections. PostgreSQL has issues with long persistent connections, it accumulates a lot of ram and does not let go until the process/connection is killed off. This patch makes sure that the connection is expired after so many dbh handle requests.


This patch applies the InactiveDestroy argument to avoid the MogileFS Tracker locking up with the PostgreSQL store on Solaris.


This is the full patch for all my fixes.

I am slowly migrating our fab40 static asset data to MogileFS. I have imported >300,000 images, no issues with my patches so far.

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Enjoy 😉