Clearing stale cache by domain

You can clear a site’s cache by domain, this is really nifty if you have Varnish in front of multiple sites. You can log into Varnish’s administration console via telnet and execute the following purge command to wipe out the undesired cache.

purge ~

Monitor Response codes

Worried that some of your clients might be receiving 503 Varnish response pages? Find out with varnishtop.

varnishtop -i TxStatus

Here is how the output looks like.

list length 7 web 4018.65 TxStatus 200 132.35 TxStatus 304 44.17 TxStatus 404 34.63 TxStatus 302 30.87 TxStatus 301 9.36 TxStatus 403 1.39 TxStatus 503