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Dynamic type languages such as Perl, Ruby, PHP, and Python free you as the developer from managing memory in your application. However, it isn’t a fool proof solution that you won’t have memory leaks in your application. You as the developer should be aware of how the underlying garbage collector of your preferred language works […]

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Our logs at fabulously40 grow quite large each day. I needed away to rotate our nginx logs so it does not grow uncontrollably. Here is the recipe sh# logadm -w /opt/extra/nginx/logs/fab40.access.log -s 100m -a 'kill -USR1 `cat /opt/extra/nginx/logs/nginx.pid`' # check /etc/logadm.conf sh# cat /etc/logadm.conf # if you wish to test it out right away, run […]

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I *really* needed session affinity for our wicket application. HAproxy does session affinity but can’t be reconfigured at runtime without a restart. Perlbal is much more configurable, it lets you add and remove nodes in a pool at runtime. This makes deploying a new version of our web application a lot easier. I have the […]

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Wicket is a wonderful framework for building complex web applications. However, it is all too easy to hang your self with session use in Wicket. Wicket manages the session on your behalf so you don’t have to worry about UI state. Since every page is serialized to the session, you need to be extra careful […]

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Update: See my newer post that re-evaluates the frameworks. Things have changed since then. Today I began working on a new project and decided to benchmark Catalyst and Rails for fun. See how my new favorable framework does against Rails. I was a bit shocked at the results though. I guess this is worth mentioning […]

Ill keep it short; SMF > rc.d # ps -ef | grep -i thttpd root 3919 6938 0 15:45:16 pts/6 0:00 grep -i thttpd webservd 18619 592 0 Jun 11 ? 0:54 /opt/extra/sbin/thttpd -C thttpd.conf Now… # kill -9 18619 # ps -ef | grep -i thttpd webservd 4017 592 0 15:47:33 ? 0:00 /opt/extra/sbin/thttpd […]

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Today as I sat down at my cubicle and did my daily routine to initiate eclipse. I encountered a horrible sight; eclipse would start and all of a sudden just crash. I first tried the obvious solution, to clean out the workspace. ./eclipse -clean Nope, no go, still eclipse kept crashing. Ugh, I fell into […]

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