I finally got around to open sourcing our scala memcached implementation that we use at fabulously40 for session storage.

Since wicket sessions can vary greatly in size, using the standard memcached server implementation became impractical due to the slab allocator.

The current code on github lacks the ehcache store and an Actor IoHandler adapter. The internal SMemcached application at fabulously40 uses a private caching API so we can hook up various caching backend storage implementations such as mysql, postgresql, ehcache or even another memcached server. You can grab the TCache project on github that SMemcached uses to unify caching under a single API. This gives SMemcached a lot of flexibility when it comes to caching your data.

fyi. TCache stands for “Tanek” Cache, Tanek means cache in russian.

The project works quite well, but don’t use it in production just yet since there is no data expiration for cached data in the HashMap storage implementation. This is just a technical preview. Do use it in production, this is what we use at Fabulously40 😉