I’ll start this post off with a quote from IRC

ivaynberg: you cant build good looking sites with wicket
victori: lies
ivaynberg: or public-facing sites

I have to admit that Wicket appeals more to the “backend” programmer than to the front-end design conscious developer. For every good-looking Wicket site out there, there are ten abysmal looking Wicket sites. Just look at the Wicket Wiki, it is littered with some dreadfully designed sites (Sorry Guys, this isn’t personal). You can tell right off the bat that the developers behind the sites care more about OO and clean code rather than clean design. Well to be frank, I don’t even know if the code behind the listed sites is even elegant. However, the fact that the sites are written on Wicket, tells me that the developers care about things such as separation of concerns and object oriented programming.

So to combat against the whole mentality that Wicket can’t scale and any site done in Wicket must look atrocious. I have decided to compile a list of some awesomely kick ass public-facing / good-looking Wicket sites.

If you don’t see your site and you feel that it should have made the list, feel free to leave a comment with your site’s URL.

High Traffic Wicket Sites


This site has an Alexa 1,700 traffic rank and runs on a single Tomcat servlet container. No proxy caches, no fancy clustering just Tomcat.


Next time someone states that no public facing sites are ever written in wicket, point them to vegas.com.

Clean Wicket Sites


The design behind this site is quite good and sets the design bar in my book.


Ah, I remember when the developer behind meetmoi dropped by #wicket and stated that he is officially working on it full time with a million dollars in venture capital seed money.


Don’t know much about this site, aside that it looks clean and the author did the original b-side wicket site that got replaced with wordpress.



Disclaimer: this is the site I developed and I think it looks good 😉